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Looking for a self starter majoring in communications, media, advertising or publishing. Must have knowledge of how to create posts, blogs, distribute press releases etc. Will work directly with the publisher. Goal is to create to create awareness for a new book. This is a non-paid internship. Includes press releases, media contact and social media management. There is no budget at this time, however should book sales improve possible paid employment would be considered. This is an on-line position and the company is located in Southern California.

About SZEN Marketing

Produce marketing campaigns to promote new book titles. Write and publish books on how to create positive change.


SZEN Marketing is a specialized brand development and strategic planning company that provides essential strategic and creative solutions for leaders, top-tier owners/management, and agency partners to successfully navigate their companies and brands through critical transitions. Our exclusive accelerated planning regimen quickly determines the right course of action for emerging brands, companies facing changing market conditions, and those looking to expand market share domestically or internationally. Our experience allows clients to move quickly by building consensus internally, developing high performance teams, and establishing critical relationships that can lead change in competitive environments. With years of experience SZEN Marketing has become a trusted source and confidential partner in developing strong identities, and impact for brands in an extensive range of product and categories ranging from packaged goods and retailers to technology and non-profits. MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide accelerated compelling strategic solutions for our clients in order to maximize opportunity and timing amidst changing market conditions. PHILOSOPHY:   SZEN Marketing operates via an essential business philosophy-"Nothing in Isolation." This means communicating, adapting and translating a singular pervasive client strategy and message both internally and externally across a myriad of media. Client Experience is Global and includes multiple categories and disciplines:
  • Aeronet Worldwide, Global Shipping
  • Classic Foods, Snack Foods
  • Coast Hills Community Church
  • Crazy Shirts Inc.
  • Cuetara S.A.,
  • Custo, Fashion
  • MCA Universal
  • KFWB Radio
  • KABC Radio
  • E-Trade Mortgage /Tricor Mortgage Lending
  • Garden Grove. International West
  • Gullon Foods, Snack Foods
  • International West, CA
  • LEDO International, Resort/Theme Park Consulting
  • Maxxim Medical
  • Miami Metro Zoo
  • MWD
  • Net-Strike Worldwide, (ERNST & YOUNG)
  • NexGen SI
  • CGEY – Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
  • Pomona California
  • Paskowitz Apparel
  • Raffco International, Hair Care
  • Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
  • UNOCAL 76 Products
  • DHL Courier
  • Fox Broadcasting
  • Universal Studios
  • Westinghouse Broadcasting
  • Samsung
  • Purex Cleaning Products
  • St. Ives Swiss Formula Skin Care
  • Admiral Cruises
  • MGM Grand Air
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • ITT
  • End 70 e-commerce
  • Loyola Law School
  • United Health Care Group
  • Advertising Industry Emergency Fund
  • Ocean Pacific
  • Gotcha
  • Armour Dial
  • The Irvine Company
  • State of California
  • Irvine Ranch Conservancy
  • CosmiKids
  • Guilon Foods
  • Sheraton Hotels
  • Pacific Snax
  • Taco Bell
  • Teleflora
  • Kona Village
  • Speedo
  • Ralphs Grocery
  • Group W
  • Bushnell Optics
  • Equipoise
  • Mavenlink
  • City of Monterey Park
  • City of Adelanto
  • T-Mobile
  • GoMobile Solutions
  • LIM Lights in Motion
  • Hospitality Institute of California
  • Get Your Brand Noticed for What Makes it Special.


BRAND DEVELOPMENT | ADVERTISING + DESIGN | LEADERSHIP COACHING BRAND DEVELOPMENT: SZEN Marketing uses a proprietary methodology to magnify the impact of your company's vision. Our branding strategy leverages your company’s uniqueness and incorporates it into a strategic plan to produce a competitive edge and lasting point of difference. Using the SZEN MATRIX, nothing is missed in our planning, and our methodology is full proof in determining key and critical decisions necessary to insure positive change. ADVERTISING + DESIGN: Complete creative services are available for image development, logo, website, and packaging for all forms of media. LEADERSHIP COACHING: As specialists in managing change for competitive organizations, we recognize the importance of building a solid leadership foundation and a vision minded internal corporate culture. We provide a wide range of training, testing and internal branding services.
  • Solutions in Sync with a Changing World.


Szen Marketing has extensive hands-on experience managing corporate transitions in a wide range of categories for major national and global brands - Categories from packaged goods to travel and non-profits to City governments. Clients and brands as varied as: DHL, Ernst & Young, ITT, E-Trade Mortgage, Armour-Dial, Ocean Pacific, MGM Grand Air, Sheraton, Hilton & Holiday Inn Hotels, Classic Foods, Fairchild Semiconductor, and Westinghouse & Fox Broadcasting. Our full portfolio will be coming soon!

Volkswagen Passat


Tricor Mortgage Lending


Stanley Electric


Szenderski/Rohani and Partners


SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals




Nayzak Communications


Golden Choice Foods


End 70


Crazy Shirts


Classic Foods, Inc.


Aeronet Worldwide


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Within Sciences, using arduous research and testing, creates innovative life-changing products and concepts for a wide spec...


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California Natural Landmarks

California Natural Landmarks are designated only after meeting rigorous scientific criteria. Areas chosen are those that b...

Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Irvine Ranch Conservancy is a non-profit, non-advocacy organization created to help protect the wildlands and parks on the histori...

CBI (Corporate Business Interior)

Corporate Business Interiors (CBI) is a leading contract office furniture resource and is the largest Allsteel dealer in C...

Style Interiors

Style Interiors offers a “total design” experience from architectural detailing to interior design function and form. ...

  • No Idea is Ever Complete Until it Comes to Life.

Team Members

We use combinations of staff, partners and specialists to facilitate each strategic program based on the specific needs and market challenges being faced. 

OWNER: Gary Szenderski (zen-der’-ski) is a branding specialist, internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject. Mr. Szenderski frequently speaks and writes on the topic of emerging brands and companies in transition – Brand or line extensions, new product launches, market development, going public etc. He also conducts planning and marketing seminars for owners of large and small businesses facing expansion and other change related issues. In addition, Gary is a published author, often quoted marketing expert, and instructor at the University of California in Irvine, teaching marketing.

LEADERSHIP COACHING: Jane Gibb, MFT. Years of experience working with leaders helping them manage growth and to create thriving company cultures.


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